Services Overview

Best practices. Better results.

Clearly defined goals, roles and responsibilities. A shared commitment to working together to ensure the project’s success. A mutual sense of trust that is built and earned with each transaction and interaction. The ability to honestly and openly address concerns and arrive at fair and equitable solutions.

These are the ingredients of a successful, and lasting client/supplier relationship. Venerus Advisory Partners works with both sides of the value chain at all stages of the relationship to lay the foundations for a productive and lasting partnership.

Procurement Advisory

Venerus Advisory Partners helps companies professionally procure products and services. We assist our clients by helping them to better understand their internal spend and the external supply-market context. This allows us to intelligently define high-quality, “supplier-ready” purchase requirements and evaluation criteria that will result in selection of the optimal supplier. We then guide our clients through an often complex and time-consuming buying process towards the optimal supplier arrangement.


RFP Support Advisory

Venerus Advisory Partners is your secret weapon in the RFP process. Leveraging our experience writing and issuing RFPs, we know how your customer’s procurement function thinks, what they are looking for, and how to set your proposal apart. Our structured approach takes pressure off of your team and ensures nothing is missed. By emphasizing value, we strive to shift the decision away from lowest price.


Commercial Dispute Resolution & Construction Claims Management

In the construction industry, situations sometimes arise where payment is withheld if the contracting company feels they did not receive the specified service(s). Venerus Advisory Partners works with clients on both the contracting and service side of such disputes. We will review the situation, clearly document the evidence, and provide advice on how to build a strong case in favour of your claim position.


Commercial Negotiations Advisory

Whether you are a buyer who just awarded the business – or a seller who was just awarded a contract – Venerus Advisory Partners will be your trusted negotiation advisor. We can rigorously assess the challenges present in your bargaining context and provide the timely insight and guidance you need to chart a wise path forward, toward the best solution. Venerus Advisory Partners team of negotiators has an extensive combined experience of hundreds of negotiation including high-risk, high-value situations. We are unique because we have designed a methodology that finds and exploits collaboration opportunities that can bring added value above and beyond traditional negotiation practices


Construction Contract Administration

Venerus Advisory Partners works with both our clients and their suppliers to help assure scope integrity, manage change, prevent delays and avoid construction claims. We ensure all the parties perform their contractual obligations, which we help clearly establish at the beginning of each project. This helps prevent problems from occurring later on.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Services: Mediation and Arbitration

In the event of a dispute, Venerus Advisory Partners helps parties stay out of court by providing professional negotiation and mediation services. This approach strives to ensure a fair and equitable solution both sides can live with – and avoids the considerable stress, effort, delay and cost of litigation. If a settlement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, we are qualified to serve as arbitrators to adjudicate the matter fairly and privately, using a process controlled by the parties.



Procurement and Contracting Training Services

Venerus Advisory Partners has transformed our years of experience and knowledge in procurement advisory into the industry’s leading training program. Our proprietary training programs combine proven best practices with innovative thinking in collaboration management, and are designed to give our corporate clients and their staff a leg up. Our training philosophy goes beyond providing good content and best practices, and incorporates practical and applicable work tools that can be implemented for immediate results.


Collaboration Approach

Venerus Advisory Partners founding principal, Richard Venerus, is a certified practitioner of the ISO 44001 standard for collaborative working. He has introduced a Collaboration Approach to all aspects of Venerus Advisory Partners business, designed to bring greater value to clients. Venerus provides a more affordable solution than a large, brand-name consulting firm, with greater accessibility to senior advisors. Venerus’ innovative, non-traditional approach to common practices is attractive, refreshing and creative, generating incremental value for your business.


Project Guardian™

Project Guardian™ is a unique commercial service designed with the goal of protecting projects from value leakage. It is delivered by an impressive team of technical experts who are guided by an innovative ISO 44001-inspired approach to collaborative working that influences key stakeholders to consistently act in the best interest of the project.