Service : Commercial Negotiations Advisory

Your personal negotiations coach

Whether you are a buyer who just won the business – or a seller who just awarded a contract, Venerus Advisory Partners will be your trusted negotiation advisor. We can rigorously assess the challenges present in your bargaining context and provide the timely insight and guidance you need to chart a wise path forward, toward the best solution.

Better relationships, better outcomes

Venerus Advisory Partners approach to negotiation results in stronger, more collaborative relationships. While advancing our clients’ interests throughout – our unique approach builds the kind of trust that enables new partners to co-create solutions to business problems. Our approach adds incremental value (for all parties) over and above other negotiation methods.

Bargain with confidence

Venerus Advisory Partners negotiation expertise is rooted in extensive experience in high-risk, high-value negotiation projects – and a long track record of delivering results through careful preparation, dynamic collaboration, intelligent strategy design and excellent execution.

When you work with Venerus Advisory Partners, you will feel the confidence of someone who has a master negotiator at your side. We ensure you are making the best decisions for your interests and not leaving anything on the table or missing out on opportunities.

An easy and more streamlined negotiation experience

Negotiations can be difficult and drawn out. By skillfully applying best practices in negotiation process management, Venerus Advisory Partners keeps your negotiation process moving forward at all times. Our relationshiporiented focus helps clients avoid the constant threat of competitive situations that can quickly mire a negotiation in conflict.

Flexible engagement that scales with your needs.

We provide our advisory services in a number of different ways, tailored to your needs. During negotiations, we can lead the effort on your behalf, function as a colleague and co-strategist, or support you as a behind-the-scenes coach either in real-time or with an advance strategy.

Success starts with preparation

Negotiation is 80% preparation and 20% execution. To support your preparation, Venerus Advisory Partners invests substantial time and effort prior to negotiations to clearly formulate a negotiation approach that aligns to your mission, values, goals and objectives. We offer single or multi-day workshops, so that your team members can prepare together and gain the advantage of a well-developed plan of action and the confidence that comes with it.

What our clients are saying

“Quality of work provided by Venerus was excellent, exceptional facilitation skills, very knowledgeable in the subject matter. High expertise. Customization of instructional content required was completed effectively. The Venerus facilitator had positive interactions with course participants. Venerus has great knowledge and experience in the subject matter that it teaches for our organization. Venerus facilitated other workshops for our corporate client with great results. Overall, we are very satisfied.”

Venerus Advisory Partners Client