Service : Procurement and Contracting Training Services

We preach what we practice

Venerus Advisory Partners negotiators have impressive credentials. We are authorized training providers for the SCMA, the defacto certifying body for the Canadian supply chain profession, where we provide advanced training on variety of topics, including negotiation.

Venerus Advisory Partners has transformed our years of experience and knowledge in Procurement Advisory into the industry’s leading training program. Our proprietary training programs combine proven best practices with innovative thinking in collaboration management, and are designed to give our corporate clients and their staff a leg up.

Strong leaders. Inspiring teachers.

Venerus Advisory Partners is a rare example of a company that is expert in its field that is equally at home in the classroom. As part of its commitment to continually improve the experience of learners, Venerus Advisory Partners trainers are continually pursuing instructional training in adult learning.

An SCMA accredited instructor

Venerus Advisory Partners trainers include SCMA accredited instructors. Venerus has developed several courses that are now part of the SCMP designation and professional development program, including: Beyond the Basics of Procurement, Category Management and Strategic Sourcing, Contract Design and Strategy, and Introduction to Competitive Bidding.

Negotiate greater career opportunities

Our training philosophy goes beyond providing good content and best practices, and incorporates practical and applicable work tools that can be implemented for immediate results. We are able to do this by leveraging the experiences of our advisory practice, gleaning the best lessons learned from projects and incorporating them into our training content – through a virtuous cycle that we call “preaching what we practice”.

We offer a flexible and convenient array of learning platforms including:

  • onsite classroom lessons,
  • e-learning and,
  • a blended approach.

What our clients are saying

“Quality of work provided by Venerus was excellent, exceptional facilitation skills, very knowledgeable in the subject matter. High expertise. Customization of instructional content required was completed effectively. The Venerus facilitator had positive interactions with course participants. Venerus has great knowledge and experience in the subject matter that it teaches for our organization. Venerus facilitated other workshops for our corporate client with great results. Overall, we are very satisfied.”

Venerus Advisory Partners Client