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Value creation – the Venerus advantage

Venerus is among the first Canadian advisors to bring best practices in Collaborative Business Relationship Management to Procurement, RFP Support, Commercial Negotiation, Construction Contract Administration and Alternative Dispute Resolution – based on the ISO 44001 standard. Venerus Advisory Partners founding principal, Richard Venerus, is a certified practitioner of the ISO 44001 standard for collaborative working. Our Collaboration approach to procurement is focused on value-creation through relationship building and maintenance, setting us apart from traditional/competitive approaches.

Procurement is about relationships. Relationships are about collaboration. We work to promote joint planning and shared understanding at the earliest project stages, as a way of preventing avoidable problems that can strain or jeopardize a relationship. It allows our client to not only maximize Return on Investment – but also their Return On Relationship. Both of which are central to long-term success.

Collaboration is symbiotic

The healthiest procurement relationships are symbiotic: where both sides benefit and thrive as a direct result of the partnership. Venerus Advisory Partners’ Collaboration Approach is designed to create a synergistic arrangement that allows our clients to thrive


We work with clients at all stages of the procurement lifecycle. The common element throughout is our unique Collaboration Approach – designed to get you the best possible results, while being respectful of the needs of your valued counterpart.

VeneruS’ 360º Approach

What our clients are saying

“Given (its) unique skills and experience, (VAP) added substantially greater value beyond anything that I’ve experienced in the contracting/procurement process in the past.  You helped us hire the right people for internal jobs, and assisted us in building a strong procurement organization with the support, training, mentoring, and intelligent changes that you brought us. I am extremely pleased with our new internal group”

Venerus Advisory Partners Client