Service : RFP Support Advisory

Helping you win more RFPs

Clients who utilize our professional RFP Support Advisory services are better positioned to win new business, increase revenue and bolster profitability.

rfps are competitive. get a ringer on your team

By working with an RFP submission professional who can improve your chances for success, Venerus helps bring greater focus and efficiency to your business development efforts – so you can optimize resources for maximum ROI.

A smoother submission process

RFP processes involve strict timelines and often zero forgiveness in the event of a late submission. Venerus works tirelessly to help you stay ahead of all deadlines, reducing the pressure on your team, and ensure nothing is missed.

Your secret weapon

By serving as your internal procurement subject matter expert, Venerus gives your business development team a “secret weapon” to improve RFP ROI.

Venerus not only helps clients respond to RFPs: as part of our Procurement Advisory service we also create and evaluate them. This gives us a huge advantage in understanding what companies are looking for, and how to make your RFP response stand out.

Venerus Advisory Partners helps our clients set themselves apart from the competition. By focusing on value beyond price, we strive to shift the decision from “lowest cost” to “best choice.”

Venerus helps bring greater focus and efficiency to your business development efforts – so you can optimize resources for maximum roi.

Improved oversight and quality control

Venerus Advisory Partners rigorous, detail-oriented approach finds and corrects even the smallest oversights that can ultimately cost you the project.

Understand your win/loss record

By reviewing past proposals (won and lost) we can identify patterns and drivers that led to success and gaps that contributed to failure. We’ll facilitate debriefs following the award of an RFP to gain valuable insights that can be implemented to improve the sales process in the future.

Win business. Keep business.

Once an RFP has been awarded, we work to measure client satisfaction prior to the expiry of the contract (1 year in advance) through Customer Retention Interviews. This proactive and collaborative approach helps position you for success at time of renewal.

What our clients are saying

“Quality of work provided by Venerus was excellent, exceptional facilitation skills, very knowledgeable in the subject matter. High expertise. Customization of instructional content required was completed effectively. The Venerus facilitator had positive interactions with course participants. Venerus has great knowledge and experience in the subject matter that it teaches for our organization. Venerus facilitated other workshops for our corporate client with great results. Overall, we are very satisfied.”

Venerus Advisory Partners Client