Service : Procurement Advisory

Why Venerus Advisory Partners
procurement services

Venerus Advisory Partners Procurement Advisory services uses an organized (and collaborative) approach to systematically select the most appropriate procurement methodology to address a targeted area of spend or bought-in goods and services. Our goal is to generate optimal benefits – both monetary and non-monetary.

Creating value beyond up-front cost savings

While our Procurement Advisory services help clients achieve tangible savings on purchases, Venerus also creates value in other ways: such as cost avoidance, improved service levels and process efficiencies.

A Subject Matter Expert at your side

By bringing the expertise of a Subject Matter Expert to your team, Venerus is able to provide the best possible outcome. You will feel confidence with a Venerus Advisory Partners representative by your side throughout the procurement process.

Proven ROI

Find out how strategic sourcing can release 7%-12% in benefits and increase your ROI.

Venerus Procurement Advisory will implement our services with best practice change management methods that help clients initiate, develop and manage strategic relationships with suppliers – a complicated exercise that requires a modern mindset.

Traditional Services
  • Category planning and management
  • Strategic sourcing/ competitive bidding
  • Contract formation
  • Cost modelling and data analysis
Advanced Services
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Procurement and contract systems configuration or implementation
  • Supplier performance management
  • Supplier development
  • Building procurement governance

What our clients are saying

“Not just a procurement expert, but a lawyer as well.  Being able to do ‘double duty’ (procurement/law), combined with an action-oriented approach helped us negotiate complex contracts at an unusually high speed. Venerus Advisory Partners got it done.”

Venerus Advisory Partners Client