Service : Project Guardian™

What is Venerus Advisory Partners Project Guardian™ service?

Project Guardian™ is a unique commercial service designed with the goal of protecting projects from value leakage. It is delivered by an impressive team of technical experts who are guided by an innovative ISO 44001-inspired approach to collaborative working that influences key stakeholders to consistently act in the best interest of the project.

The service deploys a targeted strengthening of the areas in your project that are – or expected to be – creative of risks or failure, including those occurring as a result of missing capabilities or breakdowns in relationships between key stakeholders. We protect projects from scope creep, schedule delay and cost overruns by ensuring they benefit from collaborative relationships, experienced construction project management, professional procurement, thoughtful contract formation – and diligent commercial administration and control.

Venerus’ purpose in providing Project Guardian™ is to increase a project’s financial and schedule performance such that it is distinguishable from so many others with less-than stellar results. We are passionate about productivity and results!

Why Choose Project Guardian™?

One aligned team

With Venerus’ Project Guardian™ you will realize the inherent advantages provided by 
management of key commercial activities by a single, integrated team responsible for protecting against value-leakage during the entire life cycle of a project.

We plan to add value

When we assist our clients with project management, we curate their plans and schedules with a view to eliminating non-value add activities from the project. Our clients will realize the immediate benefit of more productive and reliable workflows and reduced waste and downtime.

Responsible until project close

Our integrated service includes involvement in value-creating commercial activities in the early phases of the project (planning, procurement contracting) and then value preserving activities during the later (execution and closing) phases of the project. In this way, Venerus retains a natural responsibility to assure client value at key points throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Venerus’ purpose in providing Project Guardian™ is to increase a project’s financial and schedule performance such that it is distinguishable from so many others with less-than stellar results.

Approach that is fit for purpose

Venerus’ agile team of experts will professionally plan, procure, form and administer contracts in a manner aligned to best practices and fit for the purposes specified by the client. We will listen well and collaborate with you to design a delivery approach that works for your culture while providing what is objectively needed for project success.

Efficient and cost effective

In any project, significant demands are placed on the owner’s resources. Venerus’ approach is to target a small number of areas in your project that are – or expected to be – creative of the risks or failure, thereby significantly reducing your management burden. Our approach also allows our clients to reduce the excessive risk premiums and often unutilized and wasteful contingencies that are imposed over entire project scopes, helping to assure the bankability of the project and ultimately saving you money.

We have your back

By transferring targeted project management, procurement and contract-related responsibilities to Venerus, you can feel confident that the project is “under guard” leaving you free to re-focus your internal capabilities on tasks that lay on your critical path to success.

Power of expertise

Venerus’ Project Guardian™ delivery team is a powerful combination of highly skilled and experienced personnel – from both the office and the field – with skills or specializations in disciplines key to project success: engineering, construction management, project management, safety, procurement, contract formation and administration, project control, project documentation, claims management – and alternative dispute resolution.

With the Venerus team, you can feel certain that whatever the situation, if a problem arises during the project, our team will face it and solve it. Throughout the project you will feel confident that the best interests of your project will be advanced, that value is preserved and that your important relationships benefit from our unique collaborative approach. Project comes first – no conflict of interest Venerus can be relied upon to remain independent and without conflict of interest. Because our role is to act in the best interest of the project and to preserve project value, our 
activities will not be at risk of being unduly influenced by specific financial, related party or other interests which, might interfere with the success of the project.

Protecting the project from conflict

In the event of a dispute, Venerus will help the project parties by providing professional negotiation and mediation services. This approach strives to ensure a fair and equitable solution both sides can live with – and helps avoid the stress, effort and expense of ongoing conflict or going through the court systems.

Zero Incident Approach

Clients can feel comfortable knowing Venerus’ partners have adopted a safety-first mind-set. During Project Guardian™ service delivery, we will assist and enable your efforts to complete the project with zero lost time incidents, minimal injuries and property damage.

Safeguard impact on community and environment

Throughout the entire project life cycle, Venerus will diligently support your efforts to minimize the project’s impact to the local community and environment. Our Project Guardian™ service will help you realize the goals of zero unplanned environmental incidents and minimal footprint at time of project completion.

What our clients are saying

“Not just a procurement expert, but a lawyer as well.  Being able to do ‘double duty’ (procurement/law), combined with an action-oriented approach helped us negotiate complex contracts at an unusually high speed. Venerus Advisory Partners got it done.”

Venerus Advisory Partners Client